Google delays OpenAI rival, Gemini AI: Report


Google delays OpenAI rival, Gemini AI: Report

Google has delayed the launch of its large language model (LLM) Gemini, which is seen as a rival to OpenAI's GPT-4. The company had earlier planned to release Gemini by December, but has now pushed back the launch to the first quarter of 2024.

Delay come at a time when Google is facing increasing competition from Microsofts in the Cloud Computing market. Microsoft has been Making significant strides in AI with its Azure cloud place  and its partnership with Open-AI has given it a Strong foothold in the LLM market.

Google's delay of Gemini is likely due to a Number of factors, including the need to ensure that the model is ready for commercial use and the desire to avoid any potential negative publicity surrounding its release. The company also wants to make sure that Gemini is integrated into its existing cloud Products and services before making it available to external developer

Despite the delay, Google is still confident that Gemini will be a Success. The company believes that Gemini's capabilities will make it a valuable tool for Businesses and developers, and it is committed to making sure that the model is ready for Launch when the time comes. 

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Google delays OpenAI rival, Gemini AI: Report

The delay of Gemini is a Setback for Google, but it is not necessarily a fatal blow. Company still has a Strong position in the cloud computing market, and it is likely too continue to invest heavily in AI. However, delay will give Microsoft a chance to furthers cement its lead in the LLM market.

Race to develop the next generation of LLMs is heating up, and it is unclear which company will ultimately emerge victorious. However it is Clear that Google & Microsoft are the 2 frontrunners, and the outcome of this competition will have a significant impact on the future of AI.


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