Samsung may soon launch its first 1-inch type camera sensor.


Samsung may soon launch its first 1-inch type camera sensor.

Samsung readying two 1-inch cameras with 432MP resolution

Samsung may soon launch its first 1-inch type camera sensor. In fact, it looks like it is preparing two such sensors. However, one cannot get into any of these Galaxy smartphones. According to the company's report, it will resort to small cameras for its phones in 2024 and 2025.

This could be a new step for Samsung, as it has not used such large sensors for its smartphones before. Earlier, the company has taken several steps to maintain its identity for new innovations in camera technology, but this time the step may be of a different level.

One-inch sensors are commonly used in professional photography and the news industry, where high-resolution and crisp images are required to capture people. This could be challenging as incorporating larger sensors into smartphones can drive up the design of high-priced smartphones, but it could also put Samsung in a unique position that could set it apart from the restive market.

The first 1-inch Samsung camera could be a bonkers 432MP sensor

Galaxy phones might not get the big new cameras

Samsung is a leading company operating in the camera sensor industry, second only to Sony. But recently a rumor has emerged that the company is now working on a one-inch type smartphone camera, while the South Korean company is now focusing on high-resolution sensors. The industry and fans have been demanding bigger sensors from Samsung for a long time. A few weeks ago, there was a rumor that the company was finally working on a one-inch type camera.Has been. The same source has now said that two such sensors are in the pipeline. The ISOCELL HW1 will be a 1/1.05 inch sensor with 0.56μm pixels. On the other hand, the ISOCELL HW2 has an optical size of 1/1.07 inch and has 0.5μm pixels. Both sensors have 432MP resolution.

The new report does not provide information about the release date of these sensors, and also does not confirm how Samsung will use them in its Galaxy devices. However, the source says that next year's Galaxy Z Fold 6 will use the same 50MP ISOCELL GN3 camera that is also found on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. This is a very small sensor with an optical size of 1/1.56 inches.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 7 arriving in 2025, Samsung is planning to upgrade the camera to a 200MP sensor. The source says that the foldable will have an ISOCELL HP5 camera, which is a 1/1.3 inch sensor and has 0.5μm pixels. Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S25 Ultra are also rumored to use a 200MP camera, with the company focusing on increasing the sensor rather than increasing the resolution.

Galaxy phones might not get the big new cameras

If all these rumors prove to be true, then Samsung's 1-inch type ISOCELL HW1 and ISOCELL HW2 cameras may not be included in the Galaxy smartphones. The company may be developing these not for Galaxy phones but for uses outside Galaxy phones. It provides cameras to various automakers. Considering their reported 432MP resolution, which may be high for smartphones, these cameras are the best in a car.Can. Or perhaps the Korean versatile has some other plans. We should hear more about the new Samsung cameras in the coming months.

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