Samsung Denies Rumours of Affordable Foldable Smartphones: Report


Samsung Denies Rumours of Affordable Foldable Smartphones: Report

Last week an intriguing rumor made the rounds, claiming that Samsung is working on a more affordable foldable device to be launched next year. That in itself isn't the intriguing bit - it's how much it was rumored to cost: "$400 to $500".

That sounded very optimistic from the get-go, and today Samsung is ruining everyone's party by basically stating outright that such a thing will not happen.

Samsung says it's not working on a $400 foldable for next year

As per a Korean distribution, Samsung says it has no designs to create mid-range foldable cell phones, through and through denying the previously mentioned gossip.

"We don't want to produce foldable cell phones that are valued in the midrange, and the most recent tales are unfounded", a Samsung Gadgets representative said.

It doesn't get more straightforward than that, right? So until further notice, it seems to be Motorola, with its Razr 40/Razr 2023, is abandoned playing in the 'midrange foldable' space. The Razr 2023 initially sent off in the US at $699.99, however you can now have one for just $499.99, and that is inside Samsung's supposed objective cost for the not-really happening midrange Universe Z foldable.

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