OPPO Find N3 Leak: Explore Next-Gen Security Features!


OPPO Find N3 Leak: Explore Next-Gen Security Features!

You can take a look at the initial image, which is a rendered depiction of the device. In this image, the phone is in an unfolded state, revealing its gold-colored back. The focus here is on the rear side, where we can observe its cameras and the cover display.

On the rear, there are three cameras, all integrated into a single camera module. One of these cameras appears to be a periscope telephoto unit, distinguishable by its distinctive shape. You'll also notice the presence of Hasselblad branding, suggesting a collaboration for camera technology.

The cover display boasts slim bezels and features a centrally located camera hole. Additionally, the image showcases the phone's buttons, with the power/lock key likely serving as a fingerprint scanner.

A real-life image surfaced as well

In the image below this paragraph, you'll see an actual photo of the phone. This particular one is the black variant featuring a vegan leather backplate, while the gold model opts for a glass backplate. The color scheme, reminiscent of the OPPO Find N2, including the frame colors, is maintained and is as appealing as it was in the previous model.

Now, the OPPO Find N3 is also said to include a new “independent security chip”, which will provide advanced hardware-level security.

The OPPO Find N3 will launch on October 19, which is the same day the OnePlus Open is coming. Those two devices will feature the exact same design.

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