Google Pixel Watch Now with Wear OS 4


Google Pixel Watch Now with Wear OS 4

Google's recently unveiled Pixel Watch 2 has been running the novel Wear OS 4 since its inception. Now, it is time for its predecessor to join the grand Wear OS 4 soiree. Commencing today, Google initiates the deployment of the Wear OS 4 update to the original Pixel Watch, gracing us with its presence last year. Heretofore, it had been adorned with Wear OS 3.5.

As is customary with Google's software updates, the release is conducted in a phased manner, unfurling its wings over the course of weeks to embrace all the units out there. The latest build number, universal to all Pixel Watches, dons the insignia TWD4.2301005.002.

Wear OS 4 brings forth a delightful feature, enabling the seamless transition of your watch to a new mobile device, without the arduous necessity of performing a factory reset. Conversely, the newfound Backup and Restore functionality facilitates the secure archival of your cherished data and configurations from a previous-generation Pixel Watch. Should you decide to don another wearable without parting with your phone, the restoration process is swift and painless.

Moreover, an avant-garde Google Calendar application graces this update, alongside a revamped text-to-
speech engine that augments the TalkBack experience, rendering it more reliable than ever before. The notifications have been elevated to a level of sophistication, now equipped with astute link recognition of phone numbers and addresses, as well as embedded media previews. Safety has not been overlooked, for the update brings forth new safety measures: Safety Check, Emergency Sharing, and Emergency Information for your Pixel Watch. The spotlight keyword remains "Pixel Watch 2."


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